Have Fun Experimenting with Fashion

Photo by Alexandra

Preparing myself for the coldest temperatures of the season, I decided to experiment before stepping out the door. The result – wearing two jackets in-tandem; I paired my leather Diesel jacket underneath my black pea-coat (which is living its second life with me, a precious hand-me-down my mother purchased at Loehmann’s, who wore it for years before giving it to me). On their own, each would not have been warm enough. Together, the jackets gave me the extra warmth I needed to brace against the snow and wind.

Nothing is more fun than experimenting with your clothes. Trying new styles, playing with textures and fabrics, and staying open to new ideas and concepts helps make old clothes feel new again. And adds life to well-loved pieces. There is nothing that says you have to wear the same thing over and over, the same exact way. The most creative stylists aren’t afraid to experiment and consistently look at new ways to put clothes together. I want to dress like that. I don’t want to follow any set rules when it comes to fashion – I would rather make up my own rules as I go along.

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