This is my Dress for Success!

revision-1I started a new job a month ago. I love it and I am grateful for the opportunity. Like most new jobs it is also an adjustment: new schedule, new things to learn, new skills to sharpen – the key word is new. Clearly, the beginning of a job is a time for feeling vulnerable and unsure of oneself. The trick is to look to your clothes for protection and treat them like the armor they truly are. I often talk about the power of clothes. There is something so comforting about letting the right clothes do the talking for you – letting your clothes help you feel good about yourself, even when your inner-self is feeling a little shaky and unsure. Clothes can do that. For starters, choose clothing with good color and fit. The rest will take care of itself.

My Power Dress is a gray fit-and-flare knit I bought when I worked (most recently) at Talbots. Dresses are the best go-to’s because simple, one-piece dressing is easy and keeps the decision-making to a minimum. Mine is a seasonal favorite, perfect for fall, winter, and the early stages of spring. Gray is one of my good colors (as I discovered during my color consultation with fashion specialist, Rivka, and her partner Cindy Joseph). With it, I have room to experiment with my accessories. The best part is that it does the trick. I put it on, I feel safe and in control, and off to work I go.

If you are starting a new job or even if you are about to undertake something new and challenging and perhaps difficult, think about the clothes you will be wearing. Do they give you a sense of strength and protection to face your day? If not, look for something you love. It will lift you and carry you a long way.

Dress and necklace –Talbots; watch (from my Grandmother) – Longines; date book – Henri Bendel

Photo by Lauren Hagerstrom

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