Cameron Diaz rocks The Body!

Cameron Diaz  - Photo credit:

Cameron Diaz – Photo credit:

Cameron Diaz didn’t always love her body. Say WHAAAT? I saw Cameron Diaz recently on The Rachael Ray Show, talking about her new book, The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, The Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body, and how our body image plays tricks on us. Cameron said that she was always tall and skinny when what she really wanted to be was curvacious. You see, we spend so much time focusing on what we want to change about ourselves that we are not addressing the beautiful mechanism that is our body and why we should love and care for it. In fact, the point of the book is to love the body you have and be kind enough to yourself to take care of you for the long run and be your personal best. “I’m a science nerd. I like science. This book is about a conversation … ” says Cameron. In it, she explains the importance of understanding your body from a cellular level and how to make the right choices for nutrition, exercise and movement and disciplining your mind.

I am reading it now and I am learning so much about myself. Go get this book! Not so that you can be Cameron Diaz but so that you can be your own best you.

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