I’m buying it … or not … (breaking bad shopping habits)

A bad shopping habit: Buying something expensive like a Chanel bag, then buying a bunch of cheaper bags soon after. (Photo: Jenny Norris)

Via Stylecaster: “Buying something expensive like a Chanel bag, then buying several cheaper bags soon after, is a bad shopping habit.”  (Photo: Jenny Norris)

With a fresh new fall season upon you, it’s tempting to fill your wardrobe with inspired new clothes. And it is difficult to figure out, in that fleeting moment of shopping frenzy, what you really need versus what you may want. Sure, you think you have the discipline to enter a store and hold back on non-essential purchases. But buyer beware: there are shopping habits that can be dangerous, and leave you feeling emotionally and physically spent. Here, Stylecaster lays out 12 shopping habits that we need to break, right now. I find number 5 to be the worst of the bad shopping habits: You don’t play the wait-a-day game. If you find something you love but may not need, put it down for 24 hours. If it stays with you, consider getting it. You’re meant to be together. On the other hand, If you forget about it after a day, then forget-about-it! It’s not meant for you. I’m buying it … or not …

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