Back to School in Fashion

Optimized-20150904_092547Optimized-20150904_092534As a mother, I understand the frenzy associated with back to school; yes, it has to do with books and supplies and lunch boxes and forms to fill out – but mostly, it has to do with clothes. Getting new sneakers (I have boys), tops, pants, etc. But as a woman, I am never far away from the back to school feeling of shopping for new clothes and the tease of a new season on the horizon. What is it about this time of year that calls to mind fresh starts and new beginnings? Even though the weather on the East Coast is as warm now as a mid-August day and even though I soak in the warmth of the sun for as long as I can, there is something about the clothing of fall that inspires and motivates me to dress-it-up a notch. I trace it back to my school days and the start of a new year.

Although I have already helped my college student shop for his back to school attire, and I am now preparing my high school student for his second year, I am secretly shopping for myself. Or maybe I am shopping for the little girl who never forgot what it is like on her first day of school!

backpack: L.L. Bean


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