Oh, What a BABE!

Barbara 'Babe' Cushing Mortimer Paley , Vogue, 1946

Barbara ‘Babe’ Cushing Mortimer Paley , Vogue, 1946

Whatever she wore, she wore in a way you would never forget.” ~ Oscar de la Renta

I vaguely remember hearing her name, but I had no idea that there was such a Babe in American fashion history. Barbara “Babe” Paley (1915-1978) was a fashion influencer and true style icon; I began reading about her and her two sisters Minnie and Betsey Cushing in the book, “The Sisters,” by David Grafton. And then the flood gates of my mind opened and I couldn’t know enough about this statuesque socialite and much-loved personality. Born to wealth and prominence as the daughter of a Boston neurosurgeon, Babe and her two older sisters (under the guidance of their socially ambitious mother) made marrying- well their careers and gained further popularity in high society circles. It was here that Babe Paley with her striking good looks, bone structure, and model figure, entered the stratosphere of high style and became universally admired for her fashion sense. Continue reading

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