Caroline Issa Is A ‘Classic With a Twist’

Caroline Issa Nordstrom Signature Collection Photo: Nordstrom

Caroline Issa Nordstrom Signature Collection    Photo: Nordstrom

Fashion News: Welcome Nordstrom Signature and Caroline Issa Collection; luxurious looks designed in collaboration with global fashion executive Caroline Issa. Classic American style icons Lauren Bacall and Lauren Hutton were inspirations behind the collaboration, creating a timeless look that represent Ms. Issa’s ideal wardrobe essentials. Listen to Ms. Issa describe fashion: “Fashion is not necessarily only about clothes but how they make you feel and I love how pieces in your wardrobe contain such incredible memories or specific times in your life.” You know I agree! I’m buying it!

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2 thoughts on “Caroline Issa Is A ‘Classic With a Twist’

  1. When I first looked at the picture of the model, I thought it was Carolyn Besset Kennedy with black hair! That is a real “classic with a twist”! I am sure that was not an accident by the creative advertising people!
    And you see, Lissa,..great minds think alike! You have written a lot about our memories through fashion! I am buying THAT too!

    • Thank you, Kylie! That model is actually Caroline Issa herself! The connections are endless. I love her comments and truly believe in the power of clothing and memories. Thank you for buying it, too! xx Mel

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