These boots are made for talkin’

It began at least 20 years ago in Waco, Texas, when I was a bridesmaid at my college friend’s wedding.  While there, I bought my first pair of authentic western cowboy boots.  They were (and still are) black snakeskin with a colorful print.  At that time I wore them as I learned to dance the two-step.

Today they sit in my closet, and although my feet have grown a bit since they were first worn, I pull them out from time to time and tuck them in to my skinny jeans and do my own two-step.  They make me happy.

In time, I would add dressy, tall black boots, shorter purple boots and warm and fuzzy winter boots to my boot collection, because they make me happy, too.  My love affair with boots has grown steadily and it is only now that I appreciate how great boots are in cold weather.  So much so in fact, that this fall I added two more styles.  First, I returned to Target to purchase a pair of Missoni black and white rain boots (you know that story – I just couldn’t resist one more Missoni piece!), and shortly after, I followed an ad in The New York Times Style section, to find my latest pair:  Rachel Comey black suede and tan leather ankle boots.

Perhaps love has turned into obsession.  At least I can cultivate this obsession for years to come, because if you take care of your boots, they will take care of you.

What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “These boots are made for talkin’

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