Nicole Gets Married

Nicole is married!

Nicole gets married!   Photo credit: Jacob Leatherman

Here is news to celebrate: Nicole, founder and creator of the website, Body Boop, got married last month! I met Nicole last June, when I featured her on TFIO, sharing her message to love and accept ourselves just as we are. Nicole, who struggled for years with anorexia and bulimia, has been building back her life with courage and conviction. I later followed Nicole as she shopped for a wedding dress and dealt with the body issues that came with that process. And now, I am thrilled to share that Nicole is happily married! I am so impressed by Nicole’s ability to not only tell her story, but also to help so many others who may be struggling at this very moment in time. What a difference Nicole is making, and I can’t wait to see how far she goes!!

Here, in her own words, Nicole talks about being a bride:

So, no, I was not the skinniest bride. There are those out there who might think, oh, she could have lost a few lbs. for something like this. And they can say that. I have to keep reminding myself, even as I’m looking through the photos that are coming in, that I am so incredibly happy in my life right now and that I felt the most beautiful I have ever felt on that day. I can criticize my stomach or my arms or my double chin in those photos all day long, but that day was magic and I felt gorgeous. It will be a mission of mine to keep that feeling with me at all times.” ~ Nicole

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2 thoughts on “Nicole Gets Married

  1. Thanks for the update, Lissa! Your interviews are so great that I actually start caring about the people. So, the updates are really special!

    Nicole looks absolutely stunning! And directly to Nicole I say: There will always be critics…even for the most beautiful women ever born. ie Giselle, Angelina Jolie (2 women whom I think are amazingly exquisite) have always had and will always continue to have those who find fault with them!

    Really, when you realize that the fault finder is really saying more about themselves then YOU, you will feel a freedom beyond just trying to soothe yourself with positive talk!

    Keep your HEART clean and beautiful and the outside will reflect that! Now go forth in love…forever! And mazel tov on your wedding!

    • Hi, Kylie, I am glad that you feel that way about Nicole. She is very special and is making such a difference in people’s lives. I love your words of positivity and kindness, and I say…go forth in being you, Kylie! xx Mel

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