The joys of a blowout

Me, and the after-glow of my blowout

Me, and the after-glow of my blowout

Tara and me

Tara and me

Okay, full disclosure: I do not blow dry my hair. I do not own a blow dryer. When I get my hair cut at the salon, I don’t wait to dry my hair, choosing instead to leave with wet hair (which is great in the warm-weather months, but is challenging in the winter!). Why I am like this I can’t say for sure, but I guess I prefer a natural look, and I guess, too, that I don’t like to take time out to fuss with my hair. But that was before I learned about the magic of the blowout. And now I am keeping an open mind. I recently noticed a blowout salon in my town, Blow In Blow Out, and I decided to see for myself what is behind this growing trend. That is just what I did. The good news? When I finished, I was pleased to recognize myself in the mirror; just a more styled version of me.

Tara Galatt is the owner and proprietor of Blow In Blow Out. We talked a bit about her story, and what it means for women to experience an opportunity to, according to Ms. Galatt “reflect, relax, and have 30-45 minutes in a hectic day to be pampered.” Further, at $35 per blowout, Tara calls the procedure “affordable luxury.” Here is Tara …

I have always loved fashion and beauty, and for years worked in the world of advertising. When I had my children, I became a stay-at-home mom, but as they grew older and entered school, I began to ask myself, ‘What’s next for me; what is my Part Two?’ …

I discovered blowouts years ago, on a business trip to LA. I literally had 45 minutes to get ready for an event, and the hotel recommended a local salon. I was in and out in 45 minutes, and was thrilled with the results! As I flew home from LA, I remember thinking to myself, ‘This needs to happen. I need to start my own blowout salon‘ …

As I started to think about what I could do, I kept coming back to this notion and it was this idea that truly excited me; establishing my own blowout salon. I couldn’t stop thinking about the business model. My husband, who is a tremendous support and team player, agreed that we should give it a go. We looked all over for locations and found this beautiful space in Summit, NJ. Blow In Blow Out will celebrate its one-year anniversary next month, October. It has been a dream come true …

Women come in to reflect, relax, and to rediscover themselves. We see professional women who don’t have the time, stay-at-moms who need a moment to themselves, and every woman in between. The process is simple: we start by washing the hair, and then take time to blow it dry, section by section. I love watching a woman come in, close her eyes, meditate, sip her tea, and completely give in to the peace of the moment.  When she leaves, her posture is different and she stands taller. She flips her hair, tells us she will see us soon, and floats out the door. Getting a blowout is transformative and can really be uplifting …

We are a busy society. We give it all to our kids, our jobs, our colleagues, and we leave little for ourselves. I think that is why this trend has become so popular. At Blow In Blow Out, we are open 7 days a week, at peak and off-peak hours, so that we can accommodate every person’s needs.” ~ Tara Galatt


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2 thoughts on “The joys of a blowout

  1. What a wonderful concept and much needed! I’ve always loved to get a professional blowout. It makes me feel so much more vibrant and put together; like I’m ready to conquer the world! Congrats to Tara on the one year anniversary of her salon!

    • Thank you, Ana, for your comments. Tara is bringing a service that helps many women feel as you do, more vibrant and “ready to conquer the world!” Well said! I am excited for Tara, as well. xx Mel

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