Spring dream

My white lace Valentino blazer

My white Valentino blazer

In the midst of more dreary winter weather ready to drag me down I found a moment to Spring dream! My new favorite stylist, Stacy London (co-host of TLC’s What Not to Wear, now in its 10th season!), revealed the spring style trends. Illuminating! So let’s talk! …

white and lace. Flirty and feminine, the combination of white and lace will be big. I have this one covered with my Valentino blazer (it’s white eyelet, actually) that I snatched at my local high-end consignment shop. Find a consignment shop for yourself, if you haven’t already! Go!

gladiator sandals and ankle-strap sandals. Watch for gladiator sandals, especially, with the designs reaching every length, even up to the knee!

mixing hi and low. This is a favorite style trend and one that truly ‘has legs.’ You will keep an eye on your budget and enhance your outfits when you mix hi and low. It’s a way to marry designer looks with mass, fast fashion trends. And it’s a way to have fun with fashion and the unexpected by creating truly one-of-a-kind looks for yourself. Find a signature piece and pay a little more for the quality (a dress, a jacket, a skirt or trouser), and pair it with a simple inexpensive printed tee or accessory, and you will keep everyone guessing. It’s a must trend for spring and always!

color mixing and patterning. This, too, is a fun fashion tip. There are certain colors that go well together and we will be seeing them this spring; Stacy London mentioned that green and blue will be big (I can’t wear that combination myself, but try it if you can). The important thing is to have a little fun with your fashion. Don’t be afraid of color.

Here comes the snow but somehow I don’t mind so much.

What do you think?

Gladiator sandals as seen in New York Fashion Week - spring 2013

Gladiator sandals for Spring 2013 as seen in New York Fashion Week 2012


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