The One That Got Away …


(Annabelle New York black faux fur jacket) Similar to ... The One That Got Away!

(Annabelle New York black faux fur jacket) Similar to … The One That Got Away!

I have a philosophy about shopping for clothes: if something stays on your mind for a day and you haven’t bought it – go back and get it. If it leaves your thinking, let it go and move on. Because it’s better not to buy anything you don’t absolutely love, but it’s worse to let something go that you really like, and could love for a lifetime.

I have passed on many things and that is fine. I don’t remember them. But I do remember the ones that got away. And that hurts.

Last winter, when I was working at Talbots, there was a black faux-fur jacket that was perfect in every way – the right length, the right touch, the right feel – and the right price, especially since I had the employee discount. But for some unknown reason I didn’t get it. I am not sure why. I liked it – it stayed with me – and against my better judgment I passed. By the time I tried to buy it, it was already sold out. You may wonder why, in the middle of a summer day, I am thinking about a black faux fur jacket, and I have a hard time explaining it myself, but that’s what I mean. The one that gets away stays with you!

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2 thoughts on “The One That Got Away …

  1. So true, Melissa. May there be a black faux jacket in your future!
    Hope you are having a terrific summer!

    • Thank you dear Kathie! I hope there is! And I wish you a terrific summer, too! Thinking of you so often! xx Mel

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