What is age-appropriate?

This is a question we ask ourselves. Recent events have led me to think about it. I thought about it as I found myself at the BP Department at Nordstrom’s, searching for a yellow blazer. For those of you who may not know, BP is the junior and young women’s department on the top floor at Nordstrom. (I love the styles and the prices are better, too!). I thought about it as I shopped with my friend at a local consignment shop, and we noticed that the clothing could fit her 10-year old daughter. I thought about it when I met with my young friends a few weeks ago (see Styling with Mel, Teen Talk). They were contemplating whether some teens are dressing too old for their age. And I thought about it as I read an article in Sunday’s New York Times, written by Cathy Horyn (a favorite writer, by the way). The article addressed women’s love of platform shoes. Her concern? Women of a certain age (like me) could seriously hurt themselves trying to navigate the height of this spring’s high-heeled platform trend. And so I am wondering … what is age-appropriate?

What do you think?

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Your thoughts?

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2 thoughts on “What is age-appropriate?

  1. OY! What is age appropriate attire? That is a constant question in my house…for me and for my 2 teenaged daughters.Because all 3 of us believe we are 25 years old!
    I recall, one special incident last year when we went shopping for a fancy dress for an upscale dance which one of the girls had been invited to attend! Some of the clothes she tried on looked amazing on her svelte 5’7″, 110lbs frame…but those dresses were so very “inappropriate” as I am sure I saw some “ladies of the evening” wearing the same dresses by the Chelsea Piers in Manhattan! We settled on a lovely, slightly above the knee, cocktail dress. She looked lovely and age appropriate! Again, we reverted to a classic look…which is always a safe bet!
    I think, really at any age, how one dresses has to do to with what makes you feel beautiful, accentuates your assets without being too revealing and what fits into your budget!
    Though sometimes, comfort IS something to take into consideration! A long night walking in platforms can be quite painful…though they do make your legs look so darn good! What I do in that situation is: bring a pair of those rolled up flats in my bag…so when I really want to get my groove going on the dance floor, I CAN.

    • Hi, Kylie, and thank you for your thoughtful response. You have a lovely way of looking at the world, as well as a solid sense of humor, which I am sure comes in handy with two teenage daughters!! I have teenage boys; I understand how important it is to see the funny. I do agree that although there are dresses that your daughter could have worn, and worn beautifully, more classic looks are a better choice for what she should wear. You are a great mom for pointing her in the right direction and helping her to feel more comfortable with her choice and in her own skin. I support you!! And, yes, I too have brought a second pair of flats when I am dancing, because as I have said before, we should all dance!

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