The story behind the photo

Natalie (11), Libby (15), Miranda (17)

Kylie is the mother of three young women: Miranda, 17, Libby, 15, and Natalie, 11. They  recently attended a fancy party. What is wonderful is that each of them felt good about themselves and their fashion choices. Before they left, they took this lovely photo. What interests me is the story behind the photo and what went through their minds getting ready for their big night out …

Miranda – I do feel pressure to find the right outfit. I want to look my best. I chose that dress because I knew it would make an impression. I like to make things my own. That’s why I chose the nude shoes – I could have chosen black or navy – but I went with nude  and the white pearl necklace, to give it my touch. I received many compliments that night and that made me feel good.

Libby – I bought the outfit the day of the party. I usually shop the day of the event because I think it’s fun to get something right before. I don’t like to buy things that I don’t love. I love to have really cool shoes and match them with a simple outfit. I chose this outfit first and then I selected the blue shoes. They were blue but they had neon, bright yellow heels. They were Vera Wang. I really liked my outfit. I thought it looked high-end. I would wear these pieces in a new way – another time.

Natalie – I was confused. I didn’t know what I was going to wear. But Libby and Miranda helped me out. (Usually they’re nice to me.) I tried on a few things from my closet and they told me what to wear. No, they didn’t force me to wear what they wanted me to wear – we came to an agreement and picked out what we all liked. I think that I looked my best and I liked what I wore.

Kylie – Whenever they need to get something for a party my job gets interesting. With Miranda, I feel that my job is to pull her back. She tends to go for more slinky looks that I find inappropriate; she may look like an adult but she isn’t and I want her to remain classy and elegant in her choices. This selection was a good compromise. Libby wants my opinion but not my advice. She really knows what she wants and makes good choices. It’s funny that she said that she likes to shop the day of the event because she is a thoughtful and discerning shopper, often pulling out pictures from magazines and collecting ideas; she is not impulsive. Natalie is my youngest daughter and I tend to dress her like a baby. It’s become a challenge and Miranda and Libby have to help me, help her. I don’t trust myself. She would end up wearing a Mini-Mouse print romper. With Natalie, my job is to let go.

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