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Not long after I wrote about prom, The Wall Street Journal carried a piece, entitled For Prom, Schools Say ‘No’ to the Dress. Apparently, certain high schools around the country are outlining for students (girls and boys) what is acceptable to wear versus what is unacceptable attire. They are issuing clear and unmistakable guidelines for students to check and re-check before they spend money on an outfit that may not be considered appropriate in the schools’ eyes. The goal: to avoid being turned away at the door, and to keep prom about the dancing.

Perhaps this will make an already difficult shopping process a little easier for everyone involved. Or will it?

What do you think?

Your thoughts?

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2 thoughts on “More prom …

  1. oh boy…what do I think? Well, I think that The School should have no right to tell the students WHAT is appropriate to wear. (again are the boundaries being over stepped as to what becomes intrusive of our personal rights…and how far are we going to let others decide what our boundaries are?)…and WHO is it deciding what is “appropriate”. In some sects, even in the United States, they deem it inappropriate for a woman to show her ankles and/or her hair. So, will THEY be the ones deciding the “appropriateness” of each girls outfit?I realize that is probably going to the extreme…but it is a start. Rights are taken away slowly, not all at once because then someone might actually notice.
    You know, I am not quite sure that a public, tax based supported school has the right to deem appropriateness of attire. As I am not a lawyer, just the daughter of one, I cant really speak to that. But then again, these days, the government is making more and more of our decisions!
    Ultimately, I think it is quite sad for us, the parent population, who cant say “No” to our kids. So, another entity, in this case the schools, have to make our decisions of “appropriateness” for us.

    • Hi, Kylie and thank you for taking the time to write such a thoughtful and intelligent response. I agree with you, that ultimately it should be the role of the parent to monitor what our children are wearing, and to guide our children about what is appropriate dressing.

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