“I dress for myself”

It warmed my heart to spend time with Carolyn, an about-to-be sixteen year-old who is warm and endearing. She is also not what you would expect of a young woman her age. Her values are refreshing. Carolyn appreciates the value of a dollar and although she is stylish, she is not obsessive about spending money on clothes or impulse shopping. She is more inspired by her friends’ style than any trends of the celebrity-du-jour.

Carolyn has an eye for snatching the finds. Her shorts were a steal at $6 from a thrift store called Unique. Originally “mom jeans,” Carolyn bought them and turned them into a cool pair of shorts. And her shoes? Another steal. “I adore Steve Madden shoes,” and these were double-reduced at $30. Her style is beachy and casual chic and she is enjoying the current blast of color.

I would describe Carolyn as an old soul. She may be young in years but she reminds me of times gone by, when things were solid and what you saw is what you got. You go, girl!

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