Hate dry skin? Try coconut oil!

The power of Coconut Oil

The power of Coconut Oil

When The Universe sends you messages, especially in threes, it’s a good idea to listen. I first heard about the benefits of coconut oil over the weekend when I was getting a pedicure. The woman next to me was saying that she started rubbing coconut oil on her feet, and they have been silky-soft ever since. Next, I read about the marvels of coconut oil in this month’s Harper’s Bazaar. And number three? I found this giant, 54 fl. oz. container of coconut oil at COSTCO today. So, it was time to try it!

Coconut oil locks in moisture without petroleum-based ingredients or chemicals. And coconut oil has benefits for diet, hair, and skin, because of its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties.  Look for virgin coconut oil: I easily found Carrington Farms Pure, Unrefined, Cold-Pressed, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. When I rubbed it on, my skin started to feel softer immediately. And am I imagining an added glow? With 54 fl. oz., I will be rubbing it on for a very long time and will keep you posted of the results on my skin and specifically, my feet. One thing is for sure: the tropical smells are enough to keep me coming back.

Coconut oil. You may want to try it, too? Did someone say piña colada?

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4 thoughts on “Hate dry skin? Try coconut oil!

  1. That is really, really interesting…I started cooking with coconut oil, in lieu of olive oil. A friend of mine, who also happens to be a nutritionist, recommended it to me. I guess it is healthier.

    So, I am gathering that co-o is good for me on the inside AND outside? 🙂
    I already have some in the cupboard and now I guess I shall add a little scoop of it to my make-up cabinet!

    Oh…we also drink co-o milk! Guess we are just big coconuts in my house!

    • Hi Kylie! I love the big coconuts in your house! Yes, the benefits of coconut oil are far-reaching. Diet, skin, hair … all of it. Thank you for the comments and support. xx Mel

  2. Piña Colada sounds perfect right now!! I have used jojoba oil on my skin and like its effects. I love the glow it leaves! Looking forward to reading the results that you observe with coconut oil. : )

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