What Does It Mean to be a True Jersey Girl? Just Ask Angela …

Meet Angela, "Hair and Highheels"

Meet Angela: “Hairspray and Highheels”

Southern New Jersey is the birthplace of Hairspray and Highheels, a beauty and lifestyle blog with a mission to bring the latest beauty and fashion ideas to the everyday woman. Creator Angela describes herself as “just a girl, passionate about fashion and beauty, pushing the trends and challenging the norm.” Who also just happens to hoard nail polish! Although Angela grew up in Philadelphia, Southern New Jersey has been her home for the last seven years and she can tell you for sure about being a true Jersey Girl …

MKG: How did you fall in love with fashion and beauty products?

ANGELA: For as long as I can remember I have been playing in makeup. I remember wearing my mom’s Maybelline Great Lash as a five year-old (smeared all over my face!) and thinking that it was just the greatest.

MKG: What inspired you to start Hairspray and Highheels?

ANGELAI was spending hours and hours hanging out on makeup forums just to feed my addiction of talking about makeup. Most of my very close friends are male and they could care less about the hottest new trend in nail polish or how to contour so I’m sure they and a few girlfriends were tired of hearing me. Hairspray and Highheels began as a place to just let it all out.

MKG: Do you see a connection between fashion and self expression?

ANGELAAbsolutely! I know when I’m in a bad mood or and an extremely happy mood it definitely shows through my clothes and my hair color.

MKG: In 2014 you added a team to H&H. What is your goal for the site?

ANGELAIt started as just my little corner of the Internet that I swore no one would read. The friendships I have forged and the brand partnerships we’ve built have surpassed my wildest dreams. The women I have added as contributors have so much to offer and are some of my very best friends (whom I’ve never actually met in “real” life) and I think our goal is to really just be the best we can be and provide a one-stop shop for the every day woman!

MKG: Tell me about your serious nail polish obsession. Any favorites?

ANGELACan I plead the Fifth? With a collection of over 1,000 bottles I’m not entirely sure that I could pick just one. Actually, that’s a lie. If I had to choose, like back-against-the wall-take-to-a desert-island, it would be Sally Hansen’sPacific Blue‘ which they actually changed last year to a pretty awful version of itself. There are now petitions against the change; when I heard they were changing I went to 15 different stores and bought every bottle I could find and asked a girlfriend send some too. I currently own 19 bottles of just that color.

MKG: As a New Jersey resident for the last seven years what is the biggest misconception about being a Jersey Girl? What does being a true Jersey Girl mean to you?

ANGELA: The biggest misconception? That we’re all spray-tanned idiots who get drunk and arrested on the Jersey Shore. The Jersey Shore is one of the most beautiful places on the East Coast that spans miles of coastline. The people you meet are some of the sweetest and not at all how we are made to look on TV. To me, being a true Jersey Girl means someone who is genuine and not afraid to speak her mind and challenge the norm!


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