My Mother’s Approval

What did my mom think of this Basel jacket?

What did my mom think of this Basler jacket?

How many times in my life have I asked my mom what she thinks about a piece of clothing? What is it about our relationship and our roles that require I have her acceptance and approval? Is it just that I think my mom has great taste and style? Could it be a combination of reasons – where the mother-daughter relationship is concerned that wouldn’t surprise me. It can be complicated. Whatever it is, I have asked her opinion a lot. Sometimes I didn’t even bother to ask; I simply searched her face for a look and a sign. At this stage of my life I do most of my shopping without my mom and since I have a better sense of what I like there are fewer times when I ask. But her opinion still matters to me and when I get her approval, I feel better. This holiday I found a luxurious Basler jacket on sale at an unbelievable discount and I bought it. Even though I loved the price, the cherry red color and the fit, and even though others in the store gave me the okay, I needed to hear it from my mom. I wanted to know that there was more to it than the great holiday deal (which is always tempting but is not enough of a reason to keep something that is almost-right). The jacket had to be special and much more than just a good buy.

I tried it on for my mom and asked for her honest opinion. When she gave it, I could enjoy owning and wearing this jacket. Thanks, mom!


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