Prom: Now/Eric …

Eric: Prom 2013

Eric: Prom 2013

I couldn’t resist one more feature on prom 2013. Eric is my son; he is 16 and a junior in high school. Last night he went to his first prom. There wasn’t much fanfare to prepare for the occasion except to take a trip to the barber shop for a new haircut, rent a tuxedo and shoes and purchase new dress socks. And of course, he selected a corsage for his date. But this story is worth telling because he attended his prom in the very same location where my junior prom was held 36 years ago! That does kind of freak me out but it is special and something that he and I will share forever.

My last prom feature is about my own son and a connection with me, his mom.

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Eric and me

Eric and me

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8 thoughts on “Prom: Now/Eric …

  1. First of all, your son is gorgeous! And I love that he went to the same place you did for prom! That is a wonderful bond!
    Secondly, it struck me, once again: How EASY the guys have it when getting ready for events! 🙂

    • Thank you, Kylie for your lovely comment. Yes, it struck me too – especially after writing about the girls’ experiences – how EASY it is for the guys. They are much less stressed about the process, but then again, they receive much less of the attention during the actual event. It’s all about the girls! xx Mel

  2. What a nice coincidence that both proms were at the same location, Eric was very fashionably dressed!!! Very Handsome!!

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