Cindy’s BOOM! Revolution!

Cindy Joseph

Cindy Joseph

Women take on a unique beauty every chapter of their lives.There is a shift that occurs as we age. One kind of beauty is replaced with another as time goes by. When we stop hiding and start celebrating and wearing our age proudly, others recognize our beauty as well.” ~ Cindy Joseph, CEO and Founder of BOOM! by Cindy Joseph, makeup artist turned supermodel, introduces the first pro-age cosmetic line for women of every generation

At a time when many women are confronting the negative messages they have heard about aging, Cindy is guiding them to a new path by sharing how she has come to embrace and celebrate her own age at 62!  Cindy says, “Some say I have an ageless beauty, however, I am not a blank ageless slate. I believe the beauty they see is age-full.”

Cindy Joseph has an inspiring story: her makeup career began in the early 80s. For 27 years, she worked with the supermodels and celebrities of the time and she was known for enhancing their natural beauty. Working with these beauties challenged Cindy’s own self-esteem, however, which led her to hide her gray hair when it started growing in. After six years of dying her hair, she finally decided to stop. She realized that she had been hiding the very thing she discovered was so wonderful about herself: her age! In 1998, at age 49 and the day she cut off the last bit of dye from her silver hair, she was spotted on a street corner in NYC and asked to model for a world-wide Dolce & Gabbana campaign! Six months later, she was once again approached on the street and asked to model for More Magazine. She soon met with Ford Models Inc. and they promptly offered her a contract. She has now been modeling over 14 years for prestigious fashion and beauty campaigns throughout the world. After being seen in magazines, billboards and on television commercials, women began approaching Cindy to thank her for wearing her age openly with style and joy. She noted how enthusiastic they were to express their appreciation for inspiring them to celebrate their age as well.

These encounters led Cindy to a new purpose: to spearhead what she has titled, the Pro-Age Revolution, and to launch her cosmetic company, BOOM! by Cindy Joseph. Her pared-down line includes the signature Boomsticks, three simple, easy to use multi-tasking makeup sticks that create the same color, dewiness and radiance that joy and happiness adds to a women’s complexion*. Cindy encourages women to “stop using concealers, fillers or anti-aging creams” because as she says, “a happy woman is an attractive woman. When making your fashion and beauty product purchases let fun rather than fear be your motivation.” As her campaign message states, “BOOM! is for women who want to reveal their genuine beauty with an honest and realistic approach. It’s about women. It’s about beauty. It’s about time!

This message is energizing and inspiring both older and younger women to raise their consciousness and confidence in relation to, not only their age, but their size, color, and shape. Cindy is helping women to recognize their unique beauty. Cindy says, “It’s not about fighting your age and changing your looks. It is about loving and celebrating what and who you are. What really makes a woman attractive is how much joy she is taking in her life.”  Cindy invites us to “let go of masking, fixing and concealing” and to “wear our freckles, scars, wrinkles, hair and bodies with pride and joy and consider wearing our silver hair and crows feet as badges and medals we have earned by living a rich and passionate life!” Cindy points out that “It’s time to throw out the archaic anti-age point of view and step into the powerful pro-age realization that there is life, passion, wisdom, beauty, fun and sensuality throughout our entire life, not just half way through it. BOOM! is the sound of revolution. This is the Pro-Age Revolution, and pro-age means pro-women of every generation!

You can watch Cindy speak about these subjects and more on her weekly video blog, Saturday’s with

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*Boomstick Color and Boomstick Glimmer, are paraben and phthalate free for health- conscious women. Her skin care line includes Boomsilk, a face and body moisturizing cream and Boomstick Glo, the same moisturizer in a convenient stick. These two products are handmade in Hawaii by her friends, the bee keepers, with 100% organic extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, honey,propolis, pollen, vitamin E and German chamomile oil only! Cindy has plans this year to add more safe and effective products for your entire family.





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2 thoughts on “Cindy’s BOOM! Revolution!

  1. What an inspiring article on remaining your looks as you
    grow older.
    Cindy is a beautiful women and I agree with the approach to a healthy and minimum approach to make up.
    I believe strongly about hair dye! It usually is too dark and unflattering to ones skin tone.
    Also, why are women cutting their hair so short after a certain age? For years I had really short hair, but with strong bone structure. I one day…it was too short and I just let it grow out, and now I’m very happy with almost to the collar bone and it is so soft around face and flattering. I am 65 years old

    Thanks again for this article, Melissa

    • You’re welcome, Maggie. And thank you for your thoughtful comments. I appreciate that you shared your age with me. I think that Cindy’s interest in embracing ourselves for who we are is inspiring. The fact that BOOM! is a pro-age skin treatment revolution rather than an anti-aging makeup says it all. xx Mel

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