Age-appropriate to Simon Doonan

Simon Doonan interview with Etsy - Photo credit: Albert Sanchez

Simon Doonan – Photo credit: Albert Sanchez

“I like flowers. I thought we all liked flowers. Flowers come from God. What’s wrong with flowers?” ~ Simon Doonan, “How I Became a Fashion Don’t,” Slate (Magazine).

Simon Doonan had much to say after reading his October Details Magazine, when a caption under the photo of a hip older gentlemen read: “Are you too old for your outfit?” Simon, whom I recently featured here, says no!, and takes issue (in his cheeky, charming way as only he can) in Slate, the daily magazine on the web:

I find that oldsters are, en générale, much too afraid of stepping out. Yes, we count among us a smattering of fabulously crazy broads like those found on Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style website, but they are in the minority. Most wrinklies, especially the dudes, have been beaten into submission by too many dreary admonishing Wheelockian articles spotlighting and exaggerating the alleged perils of age-inappropriate attire. As a result, most superannuated boomers have actually bought into the absurd notion that they are under some kind of obligation to start dressing with subtlety and thoughtful restraint. They eschew ephemeral fashion fads in favor of grown-up, sensible concepts such as “solids,” “essentials,” and “quiet luxury.” Quel drag …” ~ Simon Doonan

I am happy that Simon Doonan spoke out. As we age we feel vulnerable enough. Bravo!

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