So This is Me Today – On my Birthday

So this is me, today. On my birthday – at 57.  It comes as a surprise that I am 57 years old. I don’t feel that age, whatever that means. Well, most of the time. To be honest, it has become harder to take pictures and expose myself in the 7 years since I started my blog (just before my 50th birthday). I am aware often now that certain things just don’t feel the same; like the time recently when Kendra was taking a photo of my necklace and I saw that my neck was getting wrinkled. Or the time when we took photos highlighting my very high wedge shoes and I was aware more than ever of marks on my legs. Or the close up of my hands holding a necklace, only to see a few extra brown spots that weren’t there before. Sharing yourself as you age is an interesting reality. And I am not always good at it. I often want to go back to the body I had. And I understand and do not judge anyone for wanting to do whatever you can to look as young as possible. And yet, I also know this. Writing a blog is about being authentically you. You must be your true self so that those who log in feel that they know you. The real you. And since I write about the connection between fashion and self esteem, I must be honest, too, when my own story wavers and my own self esteem falters. Which it does.

Aging isn’t easy. You are forced to face things you would rather not face. But I hold true to this: my clothes are a part of me and I am a part of them. They fill me with happiness and help me to be more of myself than any other thing. When I wear things that make me happy, I am ageless. I begin to look beyond wrinkles and marks and spots. I see only me. Wear what you love, find clothes with colors that brighten your mood (even if it is black, which can be the best color of all!), fill your closet only with things that fit you properly and throw out or give away the rest. And do it now, wherever you are in life, whatever your age. So this is me, today. On my birthday – at 57.

Dress, James Perse Los Angeles; shoes, Missoni for Target

Photos, Abrina Hyatt


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