Who is to Say What is Age-Appropriate?

_ypC9NRAmnVeVKaLctx5_W2HG4S4OmqzqPM3uUS0q6c,4fs_u-QFD_8bRtY53rRnKlTw-2dYfUnAAsn_ZJvIpLcLately I have been pondering the notion of age-appropriate dressing. I wonder: when is it okay to hold on to dressing habits and when is it time to break them and move to something more ‘age-appropriate?’ And who is to say??

Age-appropriate dressing is a mystery. If you are a woman in her 40s and 50s and beyond you start to question if your fashion choices are now too young for you. Or perhaps, you may be forcing yourself to dress older. What about styles you have always loved and choices you have taken for granted? There is no single moment when it hits you. There is only the shifting of life and the subtle changes to your body. Little by little you become aware that you are changing and that your clothes may no longer suit you.

An example: I have always had thin arms. Sleeveless tees and short sleeves have been staples in my wardrobe. I never questioned wearing them … until recently. Now I am not so sure. I compare this to another decision I made recently to wear longer skirts and dresses. In my younger days, I wore mini-skirts and semi mini-skirts, and even short-shorts because I am not very tall and wanted to elongate my legs. It suited me once but not now. But giving up short-sleeved tees would be more difficult for me and I would miss them. Leaving them out of my wardrobe entirely would mean saying good bye to a part of me. Age-appropriate dressing can be complicated and it is hard to know what to do …

What I do know is that fashion is meant to elevate you and make you feel your best. If that is still happening with a particular style of clothing, you are not ready to let it go. If, on the other hand, you are beginning to feel uncomfortable then you may need to break a fashion habit. Who is to say? I think I just answered that … you are.

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9 thoughts on “Who is to Say What is Age-Appropriate?

  1. I totally relate to what you are saying!!!. I am 50 and almost dress the same way as in my thirties because my body did not change that much. I used to be a ballet dancer in my (much 🙂 ) younger years that is probably why. I have never felt very comfortable with short short, only on beach vacations when I get tanned. The main difference is I like to feel more comfortable in my clothes. That is what guides me. I even noticed that now I can wear a biker jacket while it did not suit my style before at all. A matter of confidence and constant reevaluation of anything and anything. Is it a sign of maturity? certainly and that is great I think. so who is to say what works for us or not? we are:-) Exactly!!


    • Thank you so much for your insightful comments! I think we can’t underestimate the importance of feeling comfortable and therefore, confident, in our clothes. Beautifully said. I am so glad that this feature resonated with you. xx Mel

  2. I can definitely relate to this article & I think you are right….it’s a personal decision…

    I myself have struggled these last 5 years as my weight has increases & I’ve gotten older. I see plenty of women, my age, who dress quite appropriately for their fuller figured while looking beautiful….Yet, I myself shy away from the types of outfits I’ve seen these women wear. I often wear 3/4 sleeves, or at least short sleeves. I rarely wear skirts or dresses. I go to the beach & wear & beach coverup rather than a bathing suit. It’s NOT a great way to be. I admire women who take a chance & women who are comfortable in their own skin & I strive to be more like them.

    You still look fabulous in no sleeve shirts!! Rock your wardrobe – remember that body has worked hard all these years…the wear & tear is from a life well lived….

    • Thank you so much Josephine for your kind comments. You made my day! And I say the same thing back to you – I want you to rock your wardrobe too. You deserve to look and feel your very best – here and now. xx Mel

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