Kelsey rents the runway

Kelsey, wearing her Rent the Runway blue lace dress

Kelsey, wearing her Rent the Runway Nicole Miller blue lace dress

When Kelsey got married her sister tried a new approach when shopping for her yellow bridesmaid’s dress. Rather than spend money to buy a dress, her sister opted to rent the dress instead – from Rent the Runway, a membership-based company where you can rent high-end designer clothing and accessories for a fraction of their purchase price. Her sister had such a positive experience that when Kelsey needed a dress for a wedding she knew where to go. I spoke with Kelsey about the experience with RTR and of course, the beautiful blue dress …

MKG: This was your first time using Rent the Runway?

Kelsey: Yes. I had seen my sister’s experience go so well that I decided to try it for myself. I think she had heard about Rent the Runway originally from her friend.

MKG: What was the experience like?

Kelsey: I really liked it. They sent two size options which was very helpful. And the dresses were in perfect condition and even more beautiful in person.

MKG: Did you use one of their stylists to help you decide?

Kelsey: No. The website was so user-friendly that I followed the categories and the reviews. I needed a dress for a wedding and RTR has a special event category for wedding dresses. That is where I started my search and from there I looked at the reviews. RTR offers the viewer an opportunity to see the dresses worn and hear the reviews. That was helpful in making my decision.

MKG: Tell me about the dress. Is that lace?

Kelsey: Yes, it’s lace. It’s Nicole Miller; the quality of this dress was superb. I rented it for $75 for a four-day rental. The price included shipping.

MKG: Would you use RTR again and would you recommend it to others?

Kelsey: Absolutely! I would use them again. They are constantly updating their website and providing new dress options, keeping your choices fresh. Not only are the prices reasonable but they also offer promotions and additional savings. My sister received a promotion for bringing me to RTR. I think it’s a wonderful alternative for women who want that one-of-a-kind dress but don’t necessarily want to buy it.

And from the back!

And from the back!

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